Bernie Valadez


Bernie Valadez was a Korean War veteran who took pride in serving his country. Bernie rendered excellent service to his country during the conflict. Despite facing challenges and adversity on the front lines, Bernie emerged as a strong and inspiring leader. He rallied his fellow soldiers and provided them with guidance and support during some of the war’s most difficult moments. Bernie’s leadership skills and unwavering commitment to his country earned him the respect and admiration of his family and those around him. After the war, Bernie continued to make a difference in the lives of others as a lifelong educator and advocate for quality education. He will always be remembered as a hero and an inspiring leader.

Throughout his military service, Bernie exemplified the values of integrity, courage, and sacrifice, and he inspired many others to follow his example. He believed that education was essential for success and was dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential.

 In memory of Bernie, who always valued educating our veterans, Hero Cyber is dedicated to providing opportunities for those seeking to advance their education by delivering exceptional cybersecurity training. Hero Cyber serves as a learning gateway for veterans pursuing professional development.


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